• A swing like Air, to you.
  • "Lightweight shaft"
  • "Plus" to meet a wide range of needs for lightweight models.

Air Speeder

In order to lead the balance of "bending" "twist" "crushing" strength more and more to the best optimum balance in the lightweight shaft, design the shaft configuration from zero base.
"Lightweight shaft" for senior and female golfers is completed.
To you, swinging supple, speedy like integrating with the golfer's body.

Fujikura Air Speeder Wood

Fujikura Air Speeder Fairway

Fujikura Air Speeder Ultility

Fujikura Air Speeder Iron

Fujikura Air Speeder back


Air Speeder Technology

The Air Speeder is designed to have a smooth rigidity distribution from hand to tip and a narrower outer diameter on the proximal side so that the burden of turning back is less for low head speed golfers and it seems improper. I will.

1. Weight ratio of hoop layer UP, hoop layer suppressing crushing of multi-ply lamination is indispensable for thin lightweight shaft. By increasing the weight ratio of the hoop layer and stacking it on the inner layer of the shaft and the outer layer more than before, the strength of crushing and bending was improved.

2. Application of Straight Layered Nano Alloy Technology Combines Toray Nano Alloy Technology for the straight layer that affects bending strength. It achieved about 5% increase in bending strength and durability improvement.

Course of the ball
Shaft type
Shaft Type

Air Speeder Technical Specs

model Product length weight torque Tip diameter Butt diameter Curvature distribution curve
AIRSPD 46.0 33.0 9.8 0.335 0.587 AIRSPD
AIRSPD FW 43.0 38.5 6.4 0.335 0.589 AIRSPD
AIRSPD UT 41.0 39.5 5.8 0.352 0.587 AIRSPD

~ 35.5

38.0 4.8 0.370 0.583 AIRSPD