• Available in 50g now!
  • Keep the ball flighted down with low spin.
  • A true tour flighted line of shafts.

ATMOS HB Tour Spec

New for 2017, the ATMOS HB Tour Spec is our newest collection of hybrid shafts that use the same design concept and technologies as our Tour proven ATMOS Tour Spec wood shafts. These new hybrid shafts are geared towards the performance golfer. They have a smooth feeling profile and will promote low dispersion and generally low spin compared to our other hybrid offerings. If you like the performance and feel of the ATMOS in your woods, you will want the ATMOS HB in your hybrids.
ATMOS HB is a true tour flighted line of hybrid shafts – red as the lighter weight & higher launching, blue as mid weight & launch, black as the heavier weight & lowest launch.

Fujikura ATMOS HB TS

ATMOS HB Tour Spec Technologies
  • HIT
  • CAGE
  • Maximum Carbon Fiber Content
  • 40 TON Carbon Fiber
  • Phantium Finish

    ATMOS HB Tour Spec Technical Specs

    Model Flex Product length Weight Torque Tip diameter Butt diameter Bend pt Spin Launch
    RED 75HB R2 42 73 2.8 0.370 0.595 M L M
    R 75 2.7
    S 77 0.600 M/H
    BLUE 85HB S 42 85 2.5 0.370 0.605 H L M
    X 87 0.610
    BLACK 95HB S 42 94 2.2 0.370 0.610 H L L
    X 96