• Inherited the MCI DNA, Shaft for hybrid.
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Combining carbon and metal, the latest technology shaft unique to Fujikura Shaft. It is a shaft for hybrid that succeeded feeling of balance of MCI, feeling. A steady directionality is added to the flight distance and hit feeling which is the merit of the carbon shaft, and it is possible to target the green strongly with a high sphere.

Fujikura Evo IV

Fujikura Evo IV


MCT® (Metal Composite Technology)

The carbon shaft becomes the center of gravity of the hand compared with the steel shaft, and it influences the swing weight of the club. If you wind a lot of fibers at the tip to improve it, the rigidity will be high and there is a harmful effect of impairing feeling. With the development of "MCT", it became possible to balance both the adjustment of the position of the center of gravity of the shaft and the high controllability by "smooth motion" which is the feature of the carbon shaft.


Compared to the conventional hybrid shaft

  • 50 ~ 70g designs without excessive increase in tip rigidity, it is supple and easy to hit, the shaft is easy to rise, the shaft can win with the height of trajectory
  • 80g, 90g, 100g, 120g, steel iron shaft that increased controllability to satisfy the user's demand
  • In fact, more than 90% of male tour players use carbon shaft (Darrel survey investigation)
  • First 350 Tip shaft developed according to customer's needs

  • Achieve

    Achieve optimum center of gravity adjustment suitable for weight zone

    By adopting "MCT", we achieved optimal center of gravity adjustment suitable for the weight zone.
    50 ~ 70 g, "MCT" increased design freedom, smooth rigidity distribution design provides ease of hitting without conventional I will.
    For 80 and 90 g, MCT solved the problem of carbon shaft which is generally prone to extreme hand center of gravity.
    * MCT is a registered trademark of Fujikura Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.


    MCH Technical Specs

    Model Flex Product length Weight Torque Tip diameter Butt diameter Curvature distribution curve
    MCH 50 R 42.0 53.5 4.5 0.350 0.593 MCH
    S 55.0 0.594
    MCH 60 R 63.5 3.7 0.594 MCH
    S 65.0 0.596
    MCH 70 R 76.0 3.3 0.594 MCH
    S 77.5 0.596
    MCH 80 S 85.0 3.1 0.600 MCH
    X 86.5 0.602
    MCH 90 S 93.5 2.7 0.604 MCH
    X 95.0 0.606
    MCH 100 S 104.0 2.5 0.606 MCH
    X 106.0 0.610