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An innovative iron that balances "bending" and "operability".
MCT® (Metal Composite Technology) realized the balance optimization of "bending" and "operability". Because there is a "bending" characteristic of carbon, it is easy to pick up spheres, it is easy to spin, furthermore it is possible to separate every sphere with optimization of the center of gravity position, and it is a shaft for innovative iron which can aim the pin firmly.

Fujikura MCI

Fujikura MCI


MCT® (Metal Composite Technology)

The carbon shaft becomes the center of gravity of the hand compared with the steel shaft, and it influences the swing weight of the club. If you wind a lot of fibers at the tip to improve it, the rigidity will be high and there is a harmful effect of impairing feeling. With the development of "MCT", it became possible to balance both the adjustment of the position of the center of gravity of the shaft and the high controllability by "smooth motion" which is the feature of the carbon shaft.


Compared to conventional carbon iron

  • Easy recharge from steel shaft to make swing weight as good as steel shaft· The same head weight as steel shaft is possible, improving operability.
  • Smooth outside due to design that uniform thickness of full length carbon thickness. Optimize diameter distribution, EI distribution · flexural rigidity, widen the correspondence range of swing which is the purpose of iron, increase "controllability".
  • Complete frequency flow between counts, torque flow design.
  • Compared to steel shaft

  • Torsion and bending both high strength, durability equivalent to steel equivalent or higher.
  • High degree of freedom of design, making it easier to strike by increasing EI on the hand side, more supple design.
  • Overwhelming ease of carcass peculiar to carbon.
  • By damping performance more than twice as high as steel, it reduces the burden on the body and improves comfort.

  • Achieve

    Achieve optimum center of gravity adjustment suitable for weight zone

    MC 80, 90, 100, and 120 irons have metal tubes combined to achieve swing weights equivalent to steel shafts.
    For MC 50, 60, 70 irons, metal foils were laminated to achieve optimized tip mass.

  • Patented metal tube composite technology (Patent No. 4880063)
  • Pending patent of metal foil composite technology (Japanese Patent Application No. 2012-95194).

    MCI Technical Specs

    Model Flex Product length Weight Torque Tip diameter Butt diameter Curvature distribution curve
    MCI 50 R 39.0 - 35.5 55.0 3.5 to 3.3 0.370 0.586
    S 57.0 0.591
    MCI 60 R 65.0 3.2 - 2.8 0.594
    S 67.0 0.598
    MCI 70 R 73.0 3.0 to 2.6 0.594
    S 75.0 0.598
    MCI 80 R 84.0 2.9 to 2.5 0.591
    S 86.0 0.594
    MCI 90 R 92.0 2.8 to 2.4 0.594
    S 94.0 0.598
    MCI 100 S 104.0 2.8 to 2.4 0.594
    X 106.0 0.598
    MCI 110 S 113.0 2.6 to 2.2 0.594
    X 115.0 0.598
    MCI 120 S 122.0 2.5 to 2.1 0.594
    X 124.0 0.598