• "Rubber Composite Technology (RCT)"
  • Extra vibration during impact
  • Innovative irons that combine "bending" and "operability".

MC Putter

Realize ultimate hit feeling with new technology! MCI's first putter exclusive shaft
A putter exclusive use shaft was added to the MCI series. By "Rubber Composite Technology (RCT)" which combines carbon and rubber which excels in vibration damping performance as compared with steel, extra vibration during impact can be suppressed and a clear feel on hit can be tasted. "HARD" of feel like the conventional steel and "SOFT" easy to make because of the stroke were lineup.

Fujikura MC Putter Hard

Fujikura MC Putter Soft

Fujikura MC Putter



What is RCT
"Rubber composite technology" is a technology that maximizes shock absorption by vibration damping characteristic peculiar to rubber.
Fujikura shaft finally fuses with rubber compounding and processing technology with a history of over 100 years.

What is MCT
"Metal composite technology" is a center of gravity adjustment technology to maximize the design freedom of carbon. With the latest technology of Fujikura Shaft, we can combine carbon and metal.


MC Putter Technical Specs

Model Flex Product length Weight Torque Tip diameter Tip inner diameter Butt diameter Curvature distribution curve
MC Putter HARD 35.5 128.5 2.3 0.364 3.9 0.618 Img 01
SOFT 2.5 0.606 Img 01