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ZERO Speeder

Air Speeder" designed by sticking to weight reduction while following the sense of crispness of "Speeder" is a model which achieved shaft weight 33 g. "Ahead of" Air "aim, further pursue lightness and strength. 29.5 g (46.0 in, after painting) realized the lightest shaft ever in history. I am proud that Fujikura has high quality and manufacturing technology that Fujikura is proud of worldwide in the background of succeeding in the development of a shaft of 20 g in view of mass production, I do not feel the lightness of 20 g units and unreliability "ZERO Speeder" which fused "supple" and "powerful" should be able to break the flying distance.

Fujikura ZERO Speeder


Efforts to achieve 20 g (after coating / 46 inch)

In order to achieve the acceleration of the head speed and the strong impact while maintaining the strength, Fujikura aimed at the weight of 20 g after painting, we first conducted strength analysis of every shaft by computer simulation.
As a result, Fujikura found two essential factors to achieve weight saving and strong impact.

  • Adjust the wall thickness at the tip and set the bending rigidity low in order to give a sense of acceleration
  • Optimize the angle composition ratio of the carbon sheet so that the force can be transmitted efficiently with impact

    ONYX Speeder Technical Specs

    model Product length weight torque Tip diameter Butt diameter Curvature distribution curve
    46.0 29.5 10.8 0.335 0.575